Tourism Manager


Born in a family of an educators, Hrach Kalsahakian traveled with his parents to cities where his father was invited to work as a teacher of Armenian language and history.

This early concept of travel and cultural interaction with the host environment (especially in culturally diverse societies), has created an early understanding inside Hrach about the meaning of travel and tourism.

As a graduate of tourism management from Greece (1994), Hrach started his career by working in travel agencies in Patras and Athens.

After being relocated in the United Arab Emirates, Hrach worked for two years in Sheraton Abu Dhabi, at a time when Abu Dhabi was in the beginning of its economic surge.

In 2005, Hrach was recruited by Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) to work in its newly found Middle East and Arabian Gulf office as marketing manager. This position has helped him achieve his goals and, most importantly, has reminded him of the earlier travels he used to do with his parents, throughout the Middle East landscape.

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  Hrach Kalsahakian in CTO-related missions in  
  several Middle Eastern cities