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Cyprus wedding business sector is growing 2009-08-02

Civil marriages in CyprusAs more and more couples from the Middle East and especially from Lebanon are choosing Cyprus as their wedding location, Lebanese "Executive" magazine run an article on the subject in its August 2009 issue.

Excerpts from the article:

Eager to capitalize on the pre-existing demand for civil marriage services, over the past several years travel agencies, embassies and municipalities in Lebanon and Cyprus have been coordinating to offer couples tourism and marriage packages, including everything from plane tickets and hotel rooms, to marriage paperwork and ceremony arrangements.

Hrach Kalsahakian, sales and marketing manager at the Cyprus Tourism Organization, says the Cypriot wedding business sector is only growing.

According to the Cypriot embassy in Beirut, there were 400 Lebanese couples who wed in Cyprus in 2007, compared with 278 in 2000.

“This sector is expected to grow because more and more people are discovering this side of the island and, on the other hand, more professional and sophisticated companies are providing wedding services,” he says. “The growth however is gradual and not excessive.”

Could other countries in the region, seeing Cyprus’ success in the marriage and tourism business, try to emulate the island country’s example? Not likely, believes Kalsahakian. He says, “Civil marriage is generally allowed wherever the role of state and religion is separate. This is difficult to achieve in most Middle Eastern countries and it is not expected to become a reality in the near future.”

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