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I want the memory of my people to be acknowledged and respected 2008-09-08

Hrach KalsahakianOn the occasion of Turkish President Abdullah Gul's visit to Yerevan, Abbas Al Lawati, Gulf News journalist contacted Hrach Kalsahakian and asked him a few questions, which were used in the report "Armenians in the UAE express cautious optimism" 
(Gulf News, 08 September 2008)

Below is the part related to Hrach Kalsahakian:

For Hrach Kalsahakian, a Syrian Armenian in the tourism industry, if the two sides wanted real normalisation, they needed to discuss "all the issues, including the genocide".

"Personally, I think normalisation is very important for both sides. But at what expense?" he said.

For Armenians, he said, the killings were not a matter of discussion, but a fact. "We [the diaspora] are living proof of the genocide". His grandfather, Kalsahakian explained, was the only member of his family to survive the killings.

Kalsahakian however said he was not interested in "any kind of material compensation" that Turkey fears will be demanded. "I just want moral compensation. I want the memory of my people to be acknowledged and respected. I am not vengeful," he said.

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