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Articles and reports in Azad-Hye: October 2009 2009-10-31

Hrach Kalsahakian prepared the following reports and articles in Azad-Hye in October 2009. Click the link for each article.

Sebouh Baghdoyan: The importance of sports in the Armenian communities

Hrach Kalsahakian interviewed Mr. Sebouh Baghdoyan of Austria about the Armenian community in Vienna and its activities. Nanor Mikayelian translated the interview from Armenian to English.

We should encourage the youth to be active in the Armenian communities and in the everyday life of the hosting countries.

First, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am originally from Lebanon, but after getting married, my wife and I moved to Austria where we have been working and raising a family for 32 years. We have always been active members of the AGBU and AYA (Armenian Youth Association) in their different cultural, scouting and sports’ domains, something that we continue to do until this very day. Additionally, we are involved in the activities of the Armenian Ararat Sports Association of Austria, as well as other Armenian associations and institutions in Austria.

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Parev Emirates becomes a valuable tool in UAE Armenian networking

Hrach Kalsahakian explains how Armenian visitors of UAE benefit from Parev Emirates program.

Razmig and Vanda Aboulian (left) benefit from Parev Emirates services. The couple are Iranian Australians who recently retired and decided to live in Armenia. They were in Dubai on their transit route to Yerevan, the first repatriated persons who benefited from our free services.

We arranged for them a tour of the Armenian Church and Community Center in Sharjah with proper explanation, commemorative publications and a memory photo.

New service: First time visitors to the Armenian church in Sharjah can benefit from our free navigation (detailed explanation about how to reach the Church venue), free welcome tour and a comprehensive introduction to the structure of the Armenian community.

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Tony Moroyan: Armenia has an absolutely remarkable high-tech future

Before ArmTech conference in USA, Hrach Kalsahakian interviews Tony Moroyan.

Tony Moroyan transitted via Dubai in August 2009. Azad-Hye met him in the Festival City and had the following interview.   
Can you tell us a about the concept of Armtech?

Let me start by saying that I’ve been involved with Armenia since 1991. I was invited there to help the government  come up with a plan to revive the economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The critical question at the time was, what are the building blocks to create Armenian economy. High-tech industry given precedence, because it was seen as the key to Armenia’s survival and its differentiation in the region.
Clearly, the world is going towards polarization between rich and poor countries. High-tech is set to be the key to Armenia’s survival. Even during Soviet times, Armenia was differentiated because of its high-tech and not its agriculture. It was famous for its sophisticated research centers and universities.

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Arthur Ghukasian: From Armenia to Greece and Spain

Hrach Kalsahakian interviews one of the most active Armenian journalists in Europe.

Few decades ago there were no more than few hundred Armenians in Spain, mostly students or businessmen. The situation however has changed now and the number of Armenians is more than 50 thousand. They have concentrations in certain areas. The first Armenian Church was opened in a small town near Barcelona in August 2009 (a chapel leased to the Armenian Apostolic Church for thirty years).

Arthur Ghukasian is an intellectual and a reporter based in Valencia. He knows the diaspora very well, as he has lived in several countries before settling down in Spain.

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Blessing ceremony of Saint Garabed Armenian church at the Baptism Site

The inauguration of an Armenian church in the Middle East is a significant news, especially if the church will be located on a historical and biblical site. Hrach Kalsahakian compiles information about this interesting event.

On Friday 16 October 2009, the blessing ceremony of Saint Garabed Armenian church at the Baptism Site in Jordan took place, held by Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, Patriarchal Vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Several religious and other personalities from the Armenian community in Amman and Jerusalem attended this important ceremony. The church will be built on land donated by the Jordanian state. Benefactor Dr. Vicken Garabedian will undertake the expenses of building the church. The architect is Ardag Ghoulian, supported by follow-up work by architect Dalia Khorsheed. The contractor is Mohammad Al Kurdi.

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Tamar Der-Ohannessian: A new book on Armenian loss during the Genocide

Hrach Kalsahakian has collaborated with Tamar Der - Ohannessian on several occasions, when they were both residents in Abu Dhabi, UAE. this time he writes about her latest publication.

Long time resident of Abu Dhabi, Mrs. Tamar Topjian Der-Ohannessian, who has served also as principal of the one-day Armenian school in Abu Dhabi for more than two decades, is known for her translation work from Armenian to English.

Her first has been a book about Armenian political and military figure Drastamat Kanayan (commonly known as Dro), written by his close associate Simon Vratsian, the last Prime Minister of the First Republic (1918-1920). The 126-page book, titled “Tempest-born Dro”, was published in 2000 by the Armenian Apostolic Church of America.

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Antranig Daghlian: Our unity is a top priority

Antranig Daghlian, a graduate of Yerevan Polytechnic, an architect by profession, has lived in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states for more than three decades.

Four years after the publishing of his memoirs, Hrach Kalsahakian met Mr. Daghlian and asked him about the past, present and future of the Armenian diaspora in the world generally and in the UAE in particular.

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Open letter to President Serzh Sargsyan by Kuwaiti Armenian organizations

Hrach Kalsahakian reports on the protests against the Armenian - Turkish protocols in the Kuwaiti Armenian community.

On 25 September 2009 a meeting was held in the building of the Armenian Prelacy of Kuwait, with the participation of representatives of all active religious, national, social and sports organizations in the community.   

During the meeting, which was presided by Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian, the Catholicosal Vicar of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf Countries, the recent message of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia to President Serzh Sargysan, on Armenian – Turkish negotiations, was read.

The participants listened also to a Joint Declaration issued by the Lebanese branches of the three Armenian traditional parties (Dashnaktsutyun, Hunchak and Ramgavar) on the same topic.

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