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Articles and reports in Azad-Hye: February 2009 2009-02-28

Hrach Kalsahakian prepared the following reports and articles in Azad-Hye in February 2009. Click the link for each article.

Abu Dhabi School calendar 2009


A calendar is a system of organizing days for different purposes. It has social, religious, commercial or administrative use.

But for Abu Dhabi Weekly Armenian school a calendar serves as more than just a tool for organizing days. It is a combination of a visual tour, brief national history, social review, work of art and several other elements besides being the fruit of dedicated work and inspiration.

As we mention inspiration, we come to know the person who motivates the whole process: Gulizar Jonian, the Principal of the school.

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Full seven days of Armenian jazz in Dubai

With the support of the Embassy of Armenia in the United Arab Emirates, famous Armenian jazz players and singers will be performing in the 7th edition of Dubai International Jazz Festival organized by Chillout Productions from 18 to 27  February 2009 (the Armenian musicians cover the period form 18 to 24 February 2009). Hrach Kalsahakian interviewd Vahagn Melikian, Ambassador of Armenia in UAE.

"We celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Armenian Jazz last year. We will be participating in the Dubai International Jazz Festival with 18 musician. This is a great opportunity for the music lovers and the general public in the UAE to know about our jazz traditions. It reflects the fact that jazz is a very popular form of music in Armenia", said Ambassador Melikian.

"In the past Armenian jazz was one of the best in the Soviet Union. Our jazz school has been very advanced. The first jazz band was created in 1938. This is the reason that there are many jazz clubs in Yerevan today such as the Malkhas Club and Poplavok Café. Ethno-jazz is particularly important because it combines jazz with the deep folk musical traditions of our people", he added. 

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 Chritch and Linda Stephanian participate in a group exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Chritch and Linda Stephanian, two Abu Dhabi based Armenian artists, participated in the "Fanaan" group exhibition, held in Ghaf gallery in Abu Dhabi, between 18th and 29th of January 2009.

Fanaan is a group of Abu Dhabi based artists established in 2008 with the purpose of bringing together and cultivating an artistic community in Abu Dhabi. The group currently comprises 10 artists from diverse backgrounds.

The opening reception of the exhibition took place on Sunday 18th January 2009 (see photo).

Hrach Kalsahakian took the opportunity to interview the two artists.

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 Ghazaros Kademian: The last surviving son of Zeitoun passes away

Ghazaros Kademian, one of the oldest remaining survivors of the Armenian Genocide passed away on 24 January 2009 at his home in Glendale, California, USA.

Kademian was born in 1907 in Zeitoun, an Armenian stronghold in the north of Cilicia (currently Suleymanli town in Marash Province, Turkey), known for its heroic resistance against the Ottoman regular army during the Hamidian massacres of 1895.  

"The life of Ghazaros Kademian serves as motivation for us to continue our work towards Genocide recognition," expressed Armenian Youth Federation - Western Region's Chairman Vache Thomassian. "As time passes, fewer and fewer survivors of the Armenian Genocide remain but their memory will inspire future generations to seek justice for the Armenian Cause," he added.

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Elizabeth Chater lectures in Damascus

The story of an Armenian Family in the Far East

Immigrant Armenians have settled in many locations in the world, including the Indian subcontinent and Far Asia.

The Indian Armenian community has a history that goes back to several hundred years.

The Armenian influence in Hong Kong has been remarkable as well, where Sir Catchick Paul Chater and his dynasty had a very big role in the development of the city.

Elizabeth Chater is a distant relative of Sir Chater, with roots going back to India and Hong Kong.

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Fundraising for ARF's Armenian Cause offices

The 3rd prestigious fundraising banquet dedicated to ARF's Hai Tad (Armenian Cause) activities took place in Intercontinental Hotel Festival City Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on 31 January 2009, with the presence of dignitaries from Europe, Middle East, Armenia, Russia and other places.

ARF (Tashnaktsoutyoun party) Ministers in the current coalition Armenian Government, Arsen Hambardzumyan (Minister of Labor and Social Affairs), Spartak Seiranyan (Minister of Education and Science) and Aramayis Grigoryan (Minister of Agriculture) attended the glamorous event together with Lebanese Former MP Andre Tabourian.

The previous fundraising banquets (Geneva 2001, Paris 2005) raised only half of the US$ 5 million pledged in Dubai, despite the current worldwide economic crisis. 

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